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Harry Potter in Deemster's judgement

Deemster Doyle has showed himself to be a JK Rowling fan as he delivered a judgement in a complex court case.

Israeli husband and wife Artsi and Sarah Wine are battling over assets and companies held here in the Island.

Mrs Wine wants the details to be given to an Israeli court so it can take them into account during a divorce.

But Mr Wine had asked for a staying order on the disclosures while court action took place in Tel Aviv.

Stuart Peters reports (Text from attached audio file):

Deemster Doyle said he would make an order for Mr Wine’s interests in a range of Island companies to be given to the Israeli courts.

These include Reliant Investments, Central Parkway Ltd, Ashram Investments, Peachtree Associates, Skylight Consulting, Littlemore Investment trust, Vine House Holdings, Systan Investments and Littlemore Investments.

In his judgement, he said it wasn’t the policy of the Isle of Man to use arguments about confidentiality to hide wrongdoing.

And he added: ‘Those endeavouring to make use of the equivalent of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to prevent sight of information or documents regarding the proceedings of wrongdoing will find, to their disappointment, that it does not work in this jurisdiction.’

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