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Jersey spells out GST cost

Jersey's Goods and Sales Tax is likely to cost householders there an estimated average of £626 a year.

For a household containing a couple, neither of whom are pensioners, the average figure is £693 per annum. The average cost for a couple with at least one dependent child is put at £877, and the average for a household containing a single pensioner is £259 per annum.

The average amount of GST per year paid by lower income households (the bottom 20%) will be £271.

A government spokesman said: 'Nobody likes extra taxes, but GST will leave the Island in a strong position to deal with the loss of up to £100 million in tax revenues next year, as a result of the move to 0/10%, which is essential to protect our economy'.

The figures above were arrived at using detailed retail price indices.

(Picture: A view of Jersey, from blueislands.com).

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