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Three legs drink sparks Far East court case

An Indonesian drinks company has been told it’ll have to rejig its packaging and marketing after using the three legs of Mann.

Cap Kaki Tiga, which translates as Three Legs Brand, was sued in the Central Jakarta Commercial Court over its logo.

The medicinal elixir company lost a case brought against it by British citizen Russel Vince – although the three legs aren’t trademarked.

A panel of judges said the logo was 80 per cent similar to the Island’s triskele.

It’s not known why Mr Vince brought the case, but his argument that Singapore-based Wen Ken Drug, which owns the license for the Cap Kaki Tiga brand, had stolen our triskele was upheld.

Chief judge Kasianus Telaumbanua said the company had displayed bad intentions by using the three legs.

The panel of judges ruled in Mr Vince’s favour, ordering the firm to withdraw all the brands and variants.

However, Wen Ken Drug says it plans to appeal the decision within the next fortnight.

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