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Advocacy group formed to help parents of children with dyslexia and literacy difficulties

Julia Bell's petition was picked up by the DESC

A mother on the Isle of Man has formed an advocacy group to support other parents whose children have been diagnosed with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties. 

In 2019 one of Julia Bell's children was diagnosed with the disorder which lead to her petitioning the following year for improved provision for pupils with dyslexia and/or literacy difficulties in public schools on the Island.

While it was picked up by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture she says she hasn't received any update, in writing, about what progress is being made. 

"It's really quite frustrating. I work full time and it's a difficult task in its own right and then throw on top a full time job, and a child with additional needs, on top of schools that have barriers that make it really difficult to support children - it can be really time consuming and really quiet frustrating and hard work..." Julia Bell 

Julia told Manx Radio through the group she'd like to support the department in its work:

The next meeting of the group will be on 6 March at the Family Library in Douglas from 5.30pm. 

Anyone wanting to join Dyslexia Advisory and Advocacy Group can find it HERE

You can listen to the full interview with Julia, as well as MLC Dawn Kinnish, in this episode of NEWSCAST HERE.

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