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Blue plaque for Sophia Goulden house

Pic: Current owners of 9 Strahallan Crescent, Jamie, Paula and baby Emmeline.

Owners pay their own unique tribute

The legacy of a formative figure in the fight for women's suffrage is set to be commemorated by Douglas Council.

A blue plaque will be placed outside 9 Strathallan Crescent in Douglas, the house where Sophia Goulden lived before passing away in 1910.

Born in Lonan in 1833, Goulden was the mother of Emmeline Pankhurst, who went on to become the figurehead of the suffragette movement in Britain.

The current owners of 9 Strathallan Crescent, Jamie Sutton and partner Paula McClean, have decided to pay their own tribute to the property's 'suffragette connection'.

Upon discovering their new home’s historic links in 2017, they chose to call their one-year-old daughter Emmeline, after Sophia Goulden’s daughter

A short ceremony will be held by the Mayor of Douglas Jon Joughin to unveil the new memorial on 14 September.

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