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Budget 2017: where the money goes

Per-head breakdown of spending

Total government spending for 2017-18 of £1,030 million equates to around £12,277 for every man, woman and child in the Island's population.

The figures include:

* £3,903 for Social Security payments, including the state pension, income support and child benefit, plus £613 for social care, £194 for Children's Services and £419 for Adult Services

* £2,531 for health services including £228 for free and subsidised prescriptions, and £232 for treating Manx patients in the UK

* £1,202 for education, including £124 for university fees

* £1,183 for former government employee pensions, £247 coming from current contributions

* £405 for the police, fire and prison services

* £218 for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture

* £130 for public transport and heritage railways

* £140 for waste management

* £60 for sports and arts, including swimming pools 

*£13 for ports, another £129 raised in charges

* £14 for drainage and the sewerage system, before the sewerage rate

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