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Comic demanded IOM 'fight to death'

US entertainer panned over outlandish claims

A bizarre spat between two US entertainers has captured the attention of Twitter users - because of a misinformed reference to laws in the Isle of Man.

American news website The Daily Beast this week published an exposé on well-known comedian and political pundit Dan Nainan, who is alleged to have fabricated several parts of his life story, most notably his real age, to boost his profile.

Nainan, supposedly a millionaire, claims to have performed for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton among others.

The article also refers to a lengthy feud between he and Maryland radio personality Joe Robinson, culminating in emails where Nainan challenged Robinson to 'a fight to the death' here in the Island.

Listen here:

Robinson suggests Nainan genuinely believed hand-to-hand blood sports were legal under Manx law.

(They are, of course, not).

Since its publication on Thursday, the article has risen to become The Daily Beast's most-read article, and its concern with the finer points of Island custom has amused social networkers en masse.

Manx Radio has reached out to Joe Robinson for comment.