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CoMin 'would apologise' if Manx 'Turing's Law' is passed

Pardons expected for the gay community with reform

An apology for those convicted for outdated homosexual offences would be considered by the Council of Ministers once legislation passes to wipe clean their criminal records.

One proposal, which could see reform to the Sexual Offences Bill, is the pardoning of those in those in the Island's gay community made criminals under what is now antiquated law.

Prior to 1992, consensual acts between adults of the same sex was illegal on the Isle of Man.

Following the announcement of the public consultation by the department of home affairs in December, gay rights campaigner Alan Shea demanded an apology come from the police as well as those in government.

On Tynwald Day in 1991, Mr Shea demonstrated in striped pyjamas to protest the criminalisation of homosexuality on the Island and believes an apology should have happened 'a long time ago.'

During the 90s, he says he, along with others were victims of harassment, threats and blackmail by the police, conduct which he claims led to some taking their own lives.

"They hunted the gays for sport "he said, "and they got away with it."

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