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'Community resolution' for man who was 'locked in' bus

But Bus Vannin won't reveal total bill for damage caused

Police have confirmed an investigation which was sparked after a man claimed he’d been ‘locked in’ a bus has now concluded.

The Isle of Man Constabulary has told Manx Radio the incident has been dealt with by way of ‘community resolution’.

Officers confirmed they were investigating after a video circulated on social media which showed the man breaking a window in the vehicle in the early hours of 22 October.

He was filming himself shouting and swearing and then claimed he’d had to climb onto a Department of Infrastructure van to jump over an ’18 foot’ fence which surrounded the bus station.

At the time the department said ‘internal procedures’ were underway and it had involved the police and passed CCTV to them.

The bus and the van, it was said, were to remain off road whilst undergoing repairs.

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According to the College of Policing community resolutions can be used for adults or youths as a way of dealing with lower-level crime in a way which is proportionate.

They can be offered when the offender accepts responsibility for their behaviour and, in most cases, when the complainant agrees they don’t want formal action taken.

Resolutions can include the offender being given advice about their behaviour, apologising, or making some form of reparation such as repairing or paying for any damage done.

Manx Radio understands Bus Vannin requested that repayment for the damage was sorted out between the parties and without police involvement.

However when asked to confirm the position it had taken, the cost of the damage and whether it had been repaid, Bus Vannin declined to comment.

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