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Editorial independence is vital to news organisations - Manx Radio

Chief minister won't speak to station unless it apologises

Manx Radio bosses say editorial independence is vital to all news organisations on the Isle of Man.

The chief minister is refusing to give interviews to the national broadcaster after what he claims was 'sensational' reporting of his visit to Hospice days after returning from Northern Ireland.

Howard Quayle told Tynwald this week he hadn't filed an official complaint but did want an apology from the station for what he claimed what was a 'factually incorrect' story.

Facts in the report in question were provided by the government communications team.

Mr Quayle also claimed Manx Radio has not agreed to requests for a meeting about the issue.

However, the station disputes this saying it asked for a written agenda of what was to be discussed - the required information was never provided to Manx Radio.

In a statement Manx Radio says: "We don’t feel it unreasonable for a written agenda, together with a list of proposed attendees, to be provided ahead of any meeting requested by the Cabinet Office.
"The editorial independence of the news team at Manx Radio is at the very centre of what we do. It is also vital to all news organisations across the Island and globally.
“Our articles in no way denigrated the fantastic new Tevir facility nor the work of the team at Hospice Isle of Man."

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