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Fine for man who took naked photos of flatmate

Provoking behaviour offence admitted

A man who took naked photographs of his flatmate without her consent while she was asleep has been fined by the deputy high bailiff.

Nineteen-year-old Ethan Luke Bullock, now of Close Moore, Douglas, pleaded guilty to a charge of provoking behaviour when he appeared before Jayne Hughes yesterday.

The court heard Bullock's flatmate woke in the early hours of 17 June this year and felt cold, quickly realising her covers had been pulled back.

She'd been sleeping naked in her bed with her boyfriend, and realised Bullock was standing at the end of her bed with his phone out.

He returned on a number of other occasions during the night.

Worried he had taken pictures of her, she left the next day and called the police.

In a prepared statement, Bullock admitted he'd taken photos, but hadn't sent them to anyone.

A probation service representative, Mrs Proudlove, said Bullock had Asberger's, and had drunk alcohol that night, something he wasn't used to doing, and had been 'highly intoxicated'.

He told police during an interview that the night of the incident had felt like a dream, and what he had done sickened him to the stomach.

Mrs Proudlove told the court Bullock had moved back in with his parents and wouldn't be drinking again.

She also said community service would not be appropriate, as his condition meant he could be very easily influenced by people more streetwise than him.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes fined him £600, and ordered him to pay £125 costs.

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