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Government conference set for September

'More flexible times' this years, says Cannan

The public will have the chance to engage with government on a range of topics at an event scheduled for September.

The 2023 Isle of Man government Conference will take place at the Villa Marina on the 20th and 21st of the month.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan says, after feedback from the 2022 event, this year's conference will offer key sessions at more flexible times to enable greater access for more of the community.

This year's conference will focus on several key themes - housing, education and skills, and finance and government budgets.

It's a chance for the public to share new ideas and have honest discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing the Island.

Mr Cannan says he hopes the 2023 conference will spark the same level of engagement and conversation as last year, and invites all Island residents to join the event to collectively work towards building a more secure, vibrant and sustainable future for the Island.

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