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£25,000 for bus drivers to accept new terms

Government encourages staff to take lump sum alongside new conditions

Government says it's encouraging Island bus drivers to accept their new terms and conditions, or leave.

In a statement from the Department of Infrastructure, it says employees wishing to leave their old terms, will be offered a £25,000 lump sum.

The DoI says to save one million pounds over three years, it can offer this contribution to entice employees onto new terms, with less pay.

It says staff on old terms and conditions 'earn significantly more than their colleagues on the new terms and conditions'.

To get people off those terms then, it appears the department is willing to pay each driver £25,000 to accept a lower wage on the new terms.

The department adds tough that the scheme is voluntary, and those that do not wish to accept the offer can remain as they are.

Talks have taken place between government and the Unite union - people have until 10 September to respond.

Government's full statement:

"Last year Tynwald voted to reduce the overall subsidy for public transport by £1 million over three years.

"As bus driving staff on old terms and conditions earn significantly more than their colleagues on the new terms and conditions, the Department can make a contribution towards the overall saving by encouraging those on old terms either to leave its employment or to move to the new terms.

"The size of the saving that can be made means that the Department can afford to offer a lump sum of £25,000 to each driver leaving an old terms role. The scheme is entirely voluntary.

"The Department hopes that it can achieve the net savings required to meet the new budget targets by working with its staff to ensure that the Island has an effective and affordable public transport system."

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