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Horse owner reports strangles outbreak

Image: thehorse.com

Two confirmed cases in Glen Maye, more suspected

A local horse owner has reported an outbreak of strangles on the Island.

Also called equine distemper, it's a contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract which can leave horses with difficulty swallowing and breathing.

In a post on social media, the owner said they have had two confirmed cases of strangles at a farm in Glen Maye, plus 'several other active - but unconfirmed - cases'.

It's thought the illness was contracted by one of the animals whilst travelling off-Island, and wasn't picked up on during the mandatory isolation period set out by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Other horse owners are encouraged to take their own 'bio security precautions' in order to keep their pets happy and safe.

Symptoms include high temperatures, loss of appetite, yellowish discharge from the nostrils, enlarged glands and problems with coughing and swallowing.

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