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Island celebrates Lord of Mann's 90th birthday

Nation marks Her Majesty's milestone

Celebrations are taking place across the Island, Great Britain and the Commonwealth as The Queen, Lord of Mann celebrates her ninetieth birthday.

Nearly sixty-four years on the throne mean Her Majesty is the British Isles' longest-reigning monarch.

The Queen, Lord of Mann or Çhiarn (PRON: CHAAN) Vannin to the Manx people, has also spent those years as our Crown Dependency's formal head of state.

Her milestone birthday is being celebrated Island-wide today.

In addition to many smaller tributes, a beacon will be lit at St. Johns at 8:30PM this evening (Thu).

It's one of more than 1,000 across Britain, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories to blaze in appreciation of a lifetime of service.

The Isle of Man Civil Defence Unit will shine a beam from the top of Snaefell, as the same is done from Britain's four highest peaks.

The Mayor of Douglas Sara Hackman has also extended her greetings to The Queen, on behalf of the nation's capital.

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