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Island church aggrieved by 'Christianophobic attacks'

Living Hope hits back at allegations

An Island-based church has issued a statement defending its right to religious freedom.

Living Hope feels it was forced to publicly refute claims which it believe undermine Christianity, following a number of accusations on social media.

Last week, the church welcomed a Four:12 conference which saw the Royal Hall at the Villa Marina host over 600 delegates from the faith. 

In a press release on Living Hope's website this afternoon (26 June), sections of the media were criticised for inaccurate reporting in what it says is an "on-going campaign by certain groups of false allegations, abusive comments and lies." 

It comes after reports in today's media alleged a preacher at the conference told a cancer sufferer to stop taking his medication because he would be cured by the Holy Spirit.

Living Hope believes some reports to be both 'Christianophobic and libellous'.

Posts on social media described visiting delegates as “invasive” with comparisons to the “Spanish Inquisition… and the Crusades”.

The statement went on to reiterate, "We do believe that God can heal and have some powerful attested stories of such healing. We always, however, encourage working with medical professionals."

The church denies that anyone at the conference who was suffering with cancer was told not to take medication.

Furthermore, Living Hope believes the campaign to prevent Christians from gathering in any large number to express their faith, aims to make the Isle of Man a hostile place for local Christians.

It said 'The Four12 Conference at the Villa Marina was a celebration of Christianity among believers'

'The church contributes significantly to the economy and diversity of the Isle of Man'

Concluding that 'this must include equal access to public facilities, fair reporting and protection from discrimination.'

The full statement can be read here: www.livinghope.im/blog/statement

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