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Legal highs ban goes before Tynwald

Users could face up to seven years in prison

New legislation to combat so-called 'legal highs' will be put before Tynwald later this month (18th October).

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 will restrict the sale, import and export of a wide spectrum of new drugs which have soared in popularity in recent years.

The Act is a near-carbon copy of similar laws introduced in the UK earlier this year.

It would see any substance which has a profound effect on the user's central nervous system made illegal to produce, sell, or distribute on the Island - excluding common items such as alcohol, tobacco, medicine and food.

Police and community officers would also be given greater search powers.

The Act would not, however, ban mere posession of legal highs such as synthetic marijuana - nor would it ban posession in prisons, unlike equivalent rules in the UK.

It's introduction in the UK last May created controversy, with some detractors labelling it as 'vague' and 'overreaching' in scope.

Those who fall foul of the rules could face fines and up to seven years' imprisonment.

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