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Local charities to miss support from Shoprite

Several charities speak to Manx Radio about the retailer's support over the years

Earlier this month you may have seen a local charity expressing its thanks to Shoprite for its support over the years, calling the retailer a 'friend'.

Isle of Play says over the past six years the Manx brand has provided it with monthly vouchers to buy essential products that help keep costs down.

In the social media post, Isle of Play said that come the New Year, they couldn't help but feel 'we're going to lose more than a supermarket, we're going to lose a friend'. 

Reporter Siobhán Fletcher caught up with the charity's Chief Executive, Chris Gregory, to find out what Shoprite's sale could mean for the charity going forward:

Isle of Play isn't the only local charity who has said the loss of Shoprite will be felt.

Sandy Denning is from the Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association.

The Executive Officer says whilst the retailer's replacement Tesco 'have been supportive in the past' to them, there was 'no ask too big' for Shoprite when it came to supporting local charities:

David Gawne is the Chairman of the Council of Cancer Charities, which brings together the different cancer charities of the Isle of Man to help them to work together to benefit people affected by cancer.

He says local businesses and charities work hand in hand, often quietly, behind the scenes:

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