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Lowest level since 1993 for queen scallop stocks

Quotas to be reduced

There will be further reductions to queen scallop fishing quotas in Manx waters for the upcoming season, after it was revealed stocks are at their lowest since 1993.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture says the findings were made during a recent stock assessment carried out by Bangor University, who are scientific advisors to DEFA.

The total allowable catch (TAC) is to be reduced by 40% to 476 tonnes from 1 July - made up of a 20% reduction to the current TAC plus a further 20% reduction under emergency provisions.

Officers say this is to ensure the sustainability of the scallops, and to allow time for over-exhausted ground to recover. 

A weekend ban on queen scallop fishing will also remain in place this season.

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