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Manx Birdlife has marina concerns

Flora and Fauna must be protected, says Manx Birdlife

Manx Birdlife says projects such as the Ramsey Marina are "not without unforeseen circumstances".

The charity has commented on the recent proposals to develop a 400-berth facility in the town with associated facilities.

Manx Birdlife CEO Neil Morris says while they recognise the drive to improve the Island's economy, the ongoing impact of such coastal developments take a high toll on the natural environment.

In a statement, Manx Birdlife says Ramsey Bay remains an exemplar protected marine environment and every effort must be made to prevent damage to those marine and coastal habitats and the fauna and flora they support.

He adds the northern plain of the Island and its coast provides irreplaceable breeding and wintering habitats for many birds.

He goes on, "as an Island nation, coastal habitats take on an enhanced value. We already know our seabird populations are suffering significant losses, indicating all is not well with their ecosystem. While there might be expedient economic value to such a project, the long-term impact on the Island’s birdlife will be, sadly, predictably detrimental yet again.”

Mr Bromley-Martin says the project intends to achieve the British Marine Federation's top accreditation.

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