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Manx students suffer 'significant loss to learning' due to Covid-19, report reveals

Some schools have suffered serious declines, others have maintained student development

Education or rather the decline of is under the spotlight after pupils have demonstrated significant loss to learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's been brought to light following extensive research compiled with the aid of Freedom of Information requests by an education researcher.

A concept that's become known as 'Covid learning-loss' is showing huge declines in many of the Island's schools.

Over the past few years, the Positive Action Group has published three articles from an Island parent and education researcher David Watts.

With no Ofsted equivalent or independent review body who's job it is to scrutinise schools across the Island, Mr Watts' latest publication is titled the 'Isle of Man Good Schools Guide'.

It's a 100-page document which goes into great detail demonstrating extensive loss to students education as a result of the pandemic.

Lockdowns and the pandemic have impacted a huge number of industry sectors, but the education researcher who has built the review document doesn't believe government fully comprehends the seriousness of the situation, and is calling for more to be done to assist schools on the road to recovery in supporting children to re-gain lost time.

Manx Radio's Christian Jones in conversation with David Watts:

Education Minister Julie Edge attended the Positive Action Group's meeting which discussed the findings.

Manx Radio's John Moss, spoke to her to gather her feelings on the education system before, during and after Covid:

David Watts' full report can be found HERE.

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