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Manxman takes on top role at Loganair as CEO steps down

Former CEO Jonathan Hinkles

Former Chief Executive stepped down last week

A Manxman has taken on the job as Loganair's acting chief executive after the sudden departure of the man who has been at the helm as CEO for seven years.

Jonathan Hinkles left the role abruptly last week, posting a message to employees via his LinkedIn account, saying: "By the time you read these words I will have left the building".
He said he believes it's time for both a personal change as well as for the airline.

Stepping up to fill the gap - for the time being at least - is Executive Chairman Peter Simpson, who was born and raised in the Isle of Man.

Mr Simpson started his career working for a local travel agency before joining the finance team at Manx Airlines.

Mr Hinkles' statement in full: "I’ve always thought that when the curtain falls, it’s time to get off the stage right away. Earlier this afternoon and with the full agreement of Loganair’s Board, I relinquished my responsibilities as Loganair’s Chief Executive and Accountable Manager. 

"Running an airline is probably the most full-time job imaginable, and one which requires pretty much 24/7 attention in one shape or form. Checking the freighter crews are away for their night’s work before going to bed; checking again straight after the morning alarm whether the first wave of the new day’s flights is up and away, how ticket sales fared yesterday, reading through safety reports, and getting up to speed on key issues is a daily routine, seven days a week, even when on holiday. It truly takes its toll.

"And so, after seven and a half years – a tenure longer than any other UK airline CEO bar one and also one of the longer-serving CEOs in Loganair’s proud 62-year history - it’s time for a change, just as much for me as it is for Loganair. It serves no-one well for there to be a prolonged period of farewells, uncertainty and indecision in leadership. With all that in mind, I left the building for the final time a few hours ago.

"Over the last couple of days, it’s been a real pleasure to participate in the send-off for both Captain Eddie Watt – Loganair’s longest-serving pilot – and the Saab 340 aircraft which have served us and our customers so well for 24 years.  With a new fleet falling into place, Loganair and my trusted colleagues are well set for the future.  And as I signed off from the privilege of leading that team a short time ago, I’ve reiterated my firm belief that the future is theirs to grasp; theirs to own; and theirs to make the most of.

"Thank you and best wishes to the whole Loganair team. May you fly safely and successfully for another six decades to come.  And a huge shout-out to Adam, my 25-year-strong partner, for his patience and understanding of seven and a half years of being married to an airline. It's now time for a decent night’s sleep."

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