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Mystery deepens over Keys pension 'refuser'


It's been confirmed by the Manx Treasury that one of the Island's MHKs is still not paying into their pension pot.


That's despite a public outcry over recent media reports that an elected member has not paid, since voluntary contributions to the Tynwald members' scheme began in 2012. 


All 24 members have assured Manx Radio they have been paying into their pensions, when asked whether they were doing so.


However a request by the station to Treasury under the Code of Practice for Access to Government Information, has revealed that as of yesterday (10 Dec) only 23 are making the payments.


Fifteen MHKs have either shown Manx Radio their pay slips to prove pension contributions are being deducted, or published them on social media.  


Pension contributions will become compulsory after the next general election in 2016 - at present they are voluntary.


The one member of the current House of Keys elected at a by-election also makes compulsory contributions - and his are included in the figures given by Treasury. 

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