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New charity hopes to make sport more accessible for children

PlayMaker launches at the end of the month

It's hoped a new charity will help make sport more accessible to children from low income families on the Island.

PlayMaker will help provide kit, equipment and fees to those who are struggling to afford it.

It's due to launch on Monday 24 June with an event at the Isle of Man Sport Institute.

Chairperson Rebekah Dalrymple said: "We believe every young person in the Isle of Man deserves the opportunity to give sport their best shot but because of various financial reasons this is not always the case.

"With the effects of the cost-of-living crisis still being felt, parents and families perhaps don't always have the money to afford kit, affiliation fees or even the bus fare to get to training or fixtures.

"Having spoken to teachers as well as people involved in various sports clubs, we know this is a problem that exists in the Island.

"We believe sports play a significant role in society, from improving physical, mental and social health to shaping how we work and live together within our community. 

"If we can help remove some of these monetary barriers and get more young people involved in sport no matter what their ability, we genuinely believe the Isle of Man will be a better place for it."

Rebekah spoke to Amy Griffiths:


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