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Over 50 syringes discovered discarded in beach-side bin 

Beach Buddies member undergoing anti-HIV treatment 

A member from Beach Buddies is undergoing anti-HIV treatment after discovering over 50 hypodermic syringes in a thin supermarket plastic bag in a beach-side waste bin

The charity has labelled the finding as “irresponsible beyond belief” - adding the member is taking the antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

According to the organisation, none of the syringes were in boxes and a large number still had needles uncovered.

Founder, Bill Dale says they occasionally find single syringes on beaches but to find over 50 syringes in a plastic bag with many of them having needles exposed “is just wrong on every level.”

“Leaving dozens of used syringes with needles exposed in a plastic bag in a public rubbish bin is something beyond the understanding of any normal person.

“What was going through the brain of the person who did this? It is stupidity and irresponsibility beyond belief. This not just careless, this is a totally irresponsible action which is absolutely unacceptable.”

The organisation says police have been informed about the incident and enquiries are focused on a label found inside the plastic bag with the name and address of a local person.

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