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Packet accused of credit card gaffe

The Steam Packet is facing criticism after a customer was asked to send credit card details via email.

A woman in the United Kingdom, who doesn't want to be named, tried to book tickets for this summer, but the company's website wouldn't let her pay.

When she got in touch the company suggested she send an email with all her details, and the booking would be done for her.

But she has good reason to be wary of doing that, as she explained to Manx Radio:

"I'm actually an IT lecturer and I've taught internet classes and all sorts of things for several years.

"One of the things I say to my students is never, ever give too much personal information in an email, and you certainly wouldn't send your credit card details."

The Steam Packet says the booking problem was traced to another customer's PC which was infected with a virus that was making multiple bookings to the company's website. The issue has now been rectified.

The company says it isn't normally policy to request information by email, but in this case it was offered as an option to allow the customer to progress the booking. The customer was also offered the chance to give the details over the phone, but that was declined as well.

The Office of Fair Trading says people shouldn't use email for sending credit card details. Such information should only be given either over the phone or on a secure payment page.

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