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Planning permission sought to demolish and replace quayside buildings

Structural surveys deemed the buildings 'not safe for occupation'

Seven flats, a restaurant and shops could be built next to the Railway Pub in Douglas.

A planning application has been submitted on behalf of Kirindolam 3 Ltd for the potential development, which would see two buildings on the quayside - 6 - 8 Bridge Road - demolished and replaced.

No parking would be provided on site.

The application (24/00135/B) states that the existing building at number 6 is in 'poor condition' as is the warehouse building to the rear. 

There was a further warehouse between this and the lane - to the rear of number 8 which was demolished in 2022 due to its condition.

A structural survey undertaken at the site last year found that the building is in a 'very dilapidated condition' and is 'not safe for occupation' and in their view, the repairs would be 'uneconomic to undertake'. 

It recommends demolition of the structure.

The planning application submitted by Sarah Corlett Town Planning Consultancy adds: "The conclusion was that the building is in a dangerous condition and whilst not in imminent danger of collapse onto public areas, the extent of deterioration and lean to the front wall will propagate further adverse movement, resulting in endangerment to the public. 

"Structural measures to precent further adverse movement of the front wall will be difficult and hazardous to implement.

"The condition of the front wall and internal structure represents a significant health and safety risk and whilst external shoring could be theoretically introduced to restrain the front wall, such an arrangement impacts the footway and would be unlikely to be visually acceptable. 

"If the front wall were restrained, the decayed timber lintels would need to be replaced, effectively requiring the rebuilding of the entire front wall."

You can find the application in full HERE.


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