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Port St Mary man's costly oversight

Fine and points for driving offences

A Port St Mary man has appeared in court charged with a number of driving offences.

Twenty-one-year old Christian Polizzi of Creggan Moar pleaded guilty to one count of driving without a licence and another of driving without insurance.

The incident happened on the eneing of June 23 on Station Road in Port St Mary.

The court heard how Polizzi didn't realise his driving licence had expired two months earlier.

Officers pulled him over after noticing he wasn't wearing a crash helmet whilst in charge of his motor scooter.

When questioned, Polizzi said he was only travelling a short distance to check the rear tyre which he thought may have been punctured.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said it was not a deliberate act but more of an 'oversight'.

It emerged Polizzi did have insurance, however it was made invalid by the expiration of his licence.

He was fined a total of £450 and given six penalty points.

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