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Prison protest was forcibly ended, says governor

It's emerged the protest by inmates at the Isle of Man's prison yesterday was forcibly brought to an end by staff.

At lunchtime 17 prisoners staged what was described as a peaceful protest.

A statement issued by the prison this afternoon says the inmates refused repeated instructions to return to their cells.

They were later removed by prison officers and placed in segregation.

In a statement, Governor Alison Gomme says action to remove the 17 protesting inmates was taken after more than four hours of negotiation failed.

Mrs Gomme says at that point, further disruption to the regime and lives of the majority of prisoners could no longer be tolerated.

When a further order to return to cells was ignored, specially trained staff using what are described as 'approved techniques' broke up the protest and removed the inmates.

A few suffered minor injuries in the process but all prisoners were seen by health staff.

They are now in segregation on a restricted regime - and according to the statement, prison life at Jurby has returned to normal.

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