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Proposals to update Employed Person's Allowance withdrawn from Tynwald sitting

Reasons currently unknown

Treasury has withdrawn proposals to update Employed Person's Allowance and Income Support regulations from this month's sitting of Tynwald.

The proposals put forward several changes which could see working parents who receive benefits having to increase their hours to receive the same support.

Currently a lone parent has to work 16 hours per week to receive Employed Person's Allowance. For those whose youngest child is over 13 years old, this would increase to 30 if the changes are given the go ahead.

Couples would be able to share their hours to reach the minimum.

The Treasury also wants to end Income Support for parents who don't work when their youngest child reaches six years old - currently they can do so until the child is 12.

It's currently not known why the proposals have been withdrawn from next week's sitting of the court.

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