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Public confidence in government 'damaged' by Ranson tribunal findings

'Too many issues over the years to feel comfortable' says Cannan

The results of an employment tribunal which found the Island's former medical director was unfairly sacked has 'damaged confidence' in government.

That's from the chief minister, who in the last half-hour has delivered a statement to Tynwald on the dismissal of Dr Rosalind Ranson.

Alfred Cannan was unable to discuss aspects of the tribunal's findings in detail, but took the opportunity to announce a series of reforms to ensure better accountability and departmental performances.

It includes a review of the role of Chief Secretary and that of the HR division.

Mr Cannan said he acknowledged the government's failings and described it as 'too big and unwieldy':

The chief minister is currently answering questions in response to his statement. You can listen live via the AM player, or read the latest via our live blog.

'It makes uncomfortable reading and has not reflected well on the professionalism of our public service.'

Listen below to Alfred Cannan's full statement:


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