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Pyrrhic victory for MLC who wants LegCo to be popularly elected

The Legislative Council has agreed to allow one of its number to bring forward a private member's bill which would radically alter the political make up in the Isle of Man.

But, as John Moss reports, David Callister's victory was hard earned (text, below, from attached audio file):

Mr Callister was elected to LegoCo with the promise he would bring in legislation to make the council a popularly elected body.

He has been given leave but it was Pyrrhic victory. The vote was 5-2 in favour, but member after member queued up to tell him it was a matter better decided by the House of Keys.

'The hurdles you will have to overcome are varied and one of them is history', he was advised by Eddie Lowey.

Mr Callister put forward proposals but he stressed these may be altered.

They are for eight redrawn electoral areas, taking into account growth of population, which would each return three MHKs and one MLC.

There would be no question of the MLCs being 'super MHKs' he said, as council members wouldn't have a larger mandate, in terms of vote, than MHKs. There would be a level playing field.

So he can carry his bill forward with his first port of call, he says, the House of keys, to see what strength of support there is for it there.

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