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Restrictions on sale of alcohol

Strict rules for displaying and selling alcohol in shops in the Isle of Man have come into effect today (Friday).

The main purpose of a new code of practice is to restrict the display of alcohol to a single, main area in retail premises, although other 'special areas' can be approved by the licensing court.

The code also calls for signs for the zones, the removal of adverts and bulk sales from outside main alcohol retail areas, and the provision of health leaflets.

Supermarkets and smaller shops complied with initial elements of the code by January this year, but in cases where full compliance required building alterations, or other major changes to shelving, the deadline set was today.

Under the code, signs must say: 'This is an alcohol sales area. Please drink safely and in moderation, it could save your life'.

The code does allow for 'satellite areas', as approved by the licensing court, for seasonal activity and 'meal deal' promotions.

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