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Settlement agreements should be used in ‘exceptional circumstances’ says minister 

27 signed off already this year at a cost of almost £2 million

Settlement agreements for staff who are leaving the Manx Government should be used in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and not as the norm.

That’s the view of the chair of the Public Services Commission, and Cabinet Office Minister, after a Freedom of Information response revealed more than 200 have been concluded since 2017.

It’s come at a cost of almost £10 million.

In this current financial year 27 settlement arrangements have been struck which have cost almost £2 million.

You can find out more HERE.

Kate Lord-Brennan says the use of the settlement agreements is a ‘matter or concern’ and the impact on the public purse is ‘absolutely recognised’.

The Public Services Commission is now working on a policy which will provide guidance to accounting officers in government departments and the Office of Human Resources.

An Operational Performance Board will also be created to ‘bring more rigour’ to the management of staff across government.

Minister Lord-Brennan says it’s clear that better oversight is needed:

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