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Steam Packet apologises for leaving freight behind

Claims it had 'limited opportunity' to load trailers this morning

The Steam Packet has apologised for leaving some freight trailers in England this morning (30 November) saying it had 'limited opportunity' to load them. 

The company's responded to concerns that fresh bread and other perishables were left in Heysham.

EVF, which has retail sites across the Island, took to social media to complain saying: 'Once again Heysham port appears to be better stocked than the Island is'.

Torden Stores in Port St Mary described the situation as a 'disgrace' saying it was 'ruining businesses on Island and leaving the residents wanting and needing'.  

Replying, on social media, a spokesperson for the Steam Packet Company said trailers were not loaded onto the 2.15am sailing 'due to tight timings' caused by tidal conditions. 

The statement added: 'Trailers are loaded in priority order as advised by each freight customer, whilst attempting to balance each customers’ needs and relative loads booked on the sailing. 

'Due to the additional time required to load, plug-in and inspect refrigerated trailers, (and) given the time available a decision was made to load as many refrigerated trailers as possible and back fill with additional non-refrigerated trailers. 

'Given there was only an hour to load freight Peel Ports’ dockers did a great job to get 21 trailers on board.'

The Steam Packet adds it takes its responsibility as 'the Island's lifeline' very seriously and works hard to try and delivery the maximum amount of freight in the shortest time possible. 

The remaining trailers are currently on the 2.15pm sailing to the Island.

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