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Town Hall pension concerns

Action is needed to reduce the contribution made by rate payers to the Local Government Pension Fund, according to Douglas councillors.

The Council's submission to an ongoing consultation excercise says the cost of administering public sector pension schemes needs to be reduced, and employees should pay a greater proportion of contributions.

Suggestions include a slight increase in the sums paid into the fund by staff, restricting the number of people who can join the schemes in the future, and even reducing the number of people local authorities employ.

Council Leader David Christian (pictured) doesn't want to alarm Town Hall staff, but says something needs to be done to reduce the burden on rate payers:

"At the moment an employee pays a six per cent contribution. To meet the 'black hole' over a 17 year period, the employers are paying a 23 per cent contribution, so there is a considerable difference.

"We are saying in the consultation document that we think they need to find a way to try and balance that out.

"That is a large commitment on the rate payers of Douglas, bearing in mind the number of employees that we have."

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