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Treasure trove hearing at Douglas

A silver ingot dating back to Viking times has been declared treasure trove. 

A special hearing before coroner of inquests Alastair Montgomerie heard metal detectorist John Crowe made the find in October last year in a field in Andreas.

The ingot is two inches long, around 1,000 years old and is 87 per cent silver.

Mr Montgomerie was told by Allison Fox of Manx National Heritage that ingots were usually found as part of hoards, and it was unusual to find one on its own.

The law says if an object is more than 300 years old, and sufficiently valuable, it is officially declared treasure and becomes property of the Crown.

Mr Montgomerie declared the piece the property of the Queen, the Lord of Mann.

It will now be valued, held in trust by Manx National Heritage and the finder may be due a reward.

Neither the finder nor the landowner were at the inquest, which was held at Douglas Courthouse today (Monday).

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