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Tynwald members take up departmental positions

MLCs and MHKs given additional responsibilities

Members of Tynwald have now been appointed to serve on a number of departments, statutory boards and other public bodies.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan has selected a team which he says will help deliver a ‘more secure, vibrant and sustainable future’ for the community.

The appointments are as follows:

Department for Enterprise
·         Rob Callister MHK
·         Ann Corlett MHK
·         Peter Greenhill MLC
·         Tim Johnston MHK
Department of Education, Sport and Culture

·         Claire Christian MHK
·         Marlene Maska MLC
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture
·         Claire Christian MHK
·         Dr Michelle Haywood MHK
Department of Health and Social Care
·         Ann Corlett MHK
·         Joney Faragher MHK
·         Dr Michelle Haywood MHK
Department of Home Affairs
·         John Wannenburgh MHK
Department of Infrastructure
·         Tim Glover MHK
·         Kerry Sharpe MLC
The Treasury
·         Bill Henderson MLC
·         Sarah Maltby MHK
·         Andrew Smith MHK
Appointments to statutory boards are as follows:
Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority*
·         Non-voting Tynwald member: Ann Corlett MHK
Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading*
·         Chair: John Wannenburgh MHK
·         Vice Chair: to be confirmed
Isle of Man Post Office*
·         Chair: Chris Thomas MHK
·         Vice Chair: to be confirmed
Manx Utilities Authority*
·         Chair: Rob Callister MHK
·         Vice Chair: Peter Greenhill MLC
Public Sector Pensions Authority
·         Vice Chair: Kate Lord-Brennan MHK (ex-officio as Chair of the Public Services Commission)
·         Employer representative: Rob Mercer MLC
Appointments to other public bodies are as follows:
Armed Forces Champion
·         Juan Watterson SHK
Culture Vannin*
·         Chair: Chris Thomas MHK
·         Vice Chair: Marlene Maska MLC
Isle of Man Government Preservation of War Memorials Committee

·         Chair: Daphne Caine MHK
·         Vice Chair: Juan Watterson SHK
Minister with responsibility to oversee appointments of lay members (non-Tynwald members) to statutory boards and other bodies

·         Kate Lord-Brennan MHK (as Minister for the Cabinet Office)
Planning Committee
·         Chair: Claire Christian MHK
Public Services Commission
·         Chair: Kate Lord-Brennan MHK (as Minister for the Cabinet Office)
War Pensions Committee*
·         Political member: David Ashford MHK (as Minister for the Treasury)
The remit of the roles of the equality and the children’s champions will be reviewed.
* These appointments require the approval of Tynwald.

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