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Unique Tolkien tribute to brothers in arms


The parents of Island brothers Torin and Jacques Lakeman who died while on a trip to Greater Manchester last year, have launched an unusual tribute to their sons - which will stretch far beyond these shores.

Nineteen year old Torin and Jacques who was 20, died together in a property in Bolton at the start of December.

An inquest has yet to be held.

JRR Tolkien's epic fantasy Lord of the Rings was a passion they shared - and is the theme for a unique tribute set in motion by their parents Ray and Sarah.

In what's been named the Jactor Project, they're asking family and friends to hide miniature figures - based on characters and creatures from the book - in places the boys loved or would have enjoyed visiting. 

And as news of the initiative spreads on social media, already they have been taken far and wide.

In an extended interview for Mandate, Ray Lakeman has been telling Marian Kenny how the project is providing a positive focus amid the grief:     


You can find the Jactor Project on Facebook.

Music used in the feature is from 'Concerning Hobbits' by Howard Shore, from the Lord of the Rings sound track.

A memorial service will be held for Jacques and Torin at the Living Hope Community Church in Port St Mary on 16 January at 7pm.


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