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Vaping Bill gains Royal Assent 

The Vaping Products Act 2024 will come into force on Monday (27 May)

The Vaping Bill 2023 has been given Royal Assent. 

From Monday, 27 May, the Vaping Products Act 2024 will come into operation which means the sale and supply of these products to under 18s will be prohibited. 

New advertising restrictions and display regulations will also be introduced on Island from September. 

This will mean that in retail outlets, which are accessible to those under 18, vaping products will no longer be permitted to be on open display. 

Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan said: "It is really positive to be able to put this act into operation following Royal Assent. 

"This is an important move for the current and future health of young people.” 

What does this mean for a person under 18? 

• A person under 18 cannot be sold or supplied with a vaping product

• It is an offence for a person over the age of 18, who has some level of responsibility (ownership, control or management) for a business selling vaping products to sell or supply vaping products to any person unless they have permission to do so from a responsible person 

• It is an offence to coerce or assist any person under 18 to obtain, sell or supply vaping products.

Committing any of these offences may, on summary conviction, result in a fine of up to £5,000 for the person supplying the vaping product. 

For those aged between 16 and 18 it will be an offence to import a vaping product - something which can result in a fine of up to £500. 

What do retailers need to do? 

By Monday retailers must have signs or warning notices in place stating: “It is illegal to sell or supply vaping products to anyone under the age of 18” 

Online stores must prominently display a warning notice - at either the point where vaping products advertised for sale or the point at which an order for vaping products is placed (ideally both). 

Failing to display these signs or warning notices is a criminal offence.

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