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Views sought on planned speed limit changes

Speed limits for vehicles such as vans, minibuses and motor homes may increase in the Isle of Man, in a bid to cut down on accidents caused by frustrated drivers overtaking them.

The 40mph and 50mph stickers which have to be displayed on the dashboards and at the rear of such vehicles could also become a thing of the past.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne says that in the light of technological advances in recent years, vans, minibuses and the like are more than capable of being driven safely on unrestricted roads at higher speeds than is currently allowed.

He hopes that allowing them to be driven slightly faster in such circumstances will help lower the number of road traffic accidents, by reducing the number of overtaking manoeuvres.

Mr Gawne says some motorists become frustrated when following slower moving vehicles, which can result in them overtaking in dangerous situations.

Views on the proposed changes should be sent in writing to Chris Hannon at the Department of Infrastructure, or by email to Chris.Hannon@gov.im

The closing date for comments is July 30.

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