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'Where's the covid advisory group?' asks Thomas

'Outsiders' to support CoMin on virus policy decisions

An MHK is calling for an update from the Council of Ministers on plans to set up a covid 'emergency advisory group'.

It was agreed by Tynwald in November, and Chris Thomas wants to see a report by February's sitting on how it's been progressed.

The group is intended to support ministers to make decisions on virus policy in a 'collaborative and transparent manner'.

Mr Thomas says CoMin might benefit from independent and non-political advice from 'outsiders':

It's part of a five-part motion by the Douglas Central MHK, which commends ministers for using a public health framework, not emergency powers, to bring forward covid regulations.

It calls for a 'regular and continuing review' by Tynwald of the border policy framework, and government approach to 'living with Covid'.

The motion can be read in full here.