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Cav backs night-time doping checks

Mark Cavendish has backed World Anti-Doping Agency proposals to introduce night-time drugs tests.

The Manx Missile, who has repeatedly spoken out against drugs cheats in cycling over the years, feels it is one of the ways to uncover them during races.

Many riders have spoken out against the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) proposal that targets detection of micro dosing of EPO and other substances, but not Cav.

Speaking on a Danish TV sports show he said, "We have to do anything we can to eliminate doping in cycling, so I agree to nightly doping controls.

"I know that it may disturb our sleep and through that our race performances, but if everybody is controlled equally, then it is fine by me.

"Cycling’s a passion, and maybe people who resort to doping don’t have the same passion as me."

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