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Hockey: 1 goal separates top 3 teams

Fixtures for 18 Sept

Rossborough Mixed Premier League


11:00 Canaccord Genuity Vikings B vs Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas A @ NSC

12:30 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas B vs Motorworx Valkyrs B @ QE2

14:00 Ramsey A vs Motorworx Valkyrs A @ RGS

14:00 Cherry Godfrey Castletown Celts vs Canaccord Genuity Vikings A @ CRHS


Rossborough Mixed Division One


12:30 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas Colts vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown Southerners

14:00 Athena Healthcare Harlequins A vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown Cammags @ NSC

14:00 Canaccord Genuity Vikings C vs Motorworx Valkyrs C @ QE2

12:30 Ramsey Ravens vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown Cushags @ RGS


Rossborough Mixed Division Two


15:30 Canaccord Genuity Vikings D vs Canaccord Genuity Vikings E @ NSC

12:30 Cherry Godfrey Castletown Carrick vs Motorworx Valkyrs D @ CRHS

15:30 Athena Healthcare Harlequins B vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown Cosney @ CRHS

15:30 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas C vs Ramsey Rookies @ QE2

Rossborough Mixed U16

11:00 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas A vs Canaccord Genuity Vikings @ QE2

15:30 Ramsey Rogues & Rascals vs Swales Flooring Harlequins @ RGS

12:30 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas B vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown B @ KWC

15:30 Motorworx Valkyrs vs Cherry Godfrey Castletown A @ CRHS


Title Protagonists seek goals


In the Rossborough Mixed Premier League the three main title protagonists in the form of Bacchas A, Vikings A and Valkyrs A  are separated only by goal difference and they will all be looking to add to their goal tally this weekend to gain any advantage they can before they begin to play each other. Meanwhile, their own B teams will be aiming to prevent this or even take points themselves. Bacchas A face Vikings B and although the Mighty Whites will be overwhelming favourites to win the All Blacks are a determined side with a handy defence of their own. Valkyrs A meanwhile take on Ramsey A and despite Ramsey losing to Vikings A last week they are well capable of defeating the westerners. Vikings A visit a Castletown A side who are one of the most determined sides in the league and although they are huge underdogs they will no doubt make things very difficult for Vikings A. Finally The battle of the B teams takes place with a very close match expected between Bacchas B and Valkyrs B.


Rossborough Mixed Division One sees to potential title challengers face off in the form of Valkyrs C and Vikings C. Both teams have good strength in depth but with the Westerners having Steph Cottier and Chris Thomas leading their attacking line few will bet against them taking both points on offer. Harlequins A take on Castletown Cammags with Harlequins the likely winners, Bacchas Colts take on Castletown Southerners which also has a potent attacking force and will be expected to take advantage of their pace advantage via Andrew Winstanley. Ramsey Ravens and Castletown Cushags will be looking to kick start their season when they face off against each other with Ramsey losing out last week to Harlequins and Cushags losing  to Valkyrs C both sides will want points on the board.

Rossborough Mixed Division Two is looking a much closer prospect than the rest of the leagues but Vikings D seem to have the better squad on paper and few will bet against them maintain the title lead when they face their own 5th team in the form of Vikings E. Valkyrs D will be looking to keep tabs on Vikings D by beating Castletown Carrick whilst the other potential title challengers Harlequins B take on Castletown Cosney. Finally Bacchas C take on Ramsey Rookies with both sides boasting huge experience it should make for an entertaining game of hockey.


You can listen to a full run down of this weekend's matches with Sam Spooner and Rhian Evans below:

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