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Hockey: Week three of mixed season awaits

Fixtures (24 September)

Rossborough Mixed Premier League

Valkyrs B vs Vikings A 11:05 @ QE2 

Bacchas A vs Ramsey A 12:30 @ NSC 

Bacchas B vs Valkyrs A 14:05 @ NSC 

Castletown Celts vs Vikings B 14:05 @ CRHS


Rossborough Mixed Division One

Vikings C vs Vikings D 12:35 @ RGS 

Castletown Southerners vs Harlequins A 12:35 @ KWC 

Valkyrs C vs Bacchas C 14:05 @ QE2


Rossborough Mixed Division Two 

Valkyrs D vs Vikings E 12:30 @ QE2 

Castletown Cushags vs Ramsey Ravens 12:35 @ CRHS 

Ramsey Rookies vs Castletown Cammags 14:05 @ RGS 


Rossborough Mixed Division Three 

Harlequins C vs Castletown Carrick 15:35 @ NSC 

Baccahs D vs Valkyrs Colts 15:35 @ QE2 

Castletown Cosney vs Bacchas Colts 15:35 @ CRHS


Rossborough Mixed U15’s 

Castletown Sabres vs Castletown Sharks 11:05 @ CRHS 

Harlequins vs Bacchas  11:05 @ NSC 

Ramsey Rogue And Rascals vs Vikings 15:35 @ RGS 


Report by Ben Cunningham:

In the Rossborough Mixed Premier league, Castletown Celts who narrowly lost out to Vikings A last weekend play Vikings B this weekend who will be hoping they can match what Vikings A did. Valkyrs B meet Vikings A this weekend, Valkyrs B got their first points last weekend when the drew with Bacchas B but Vikings A still remain unbeaten so far this season. Bacchas B play Valkyrs A who had a great win last weekend when they beat Ramsey A, Bacchas A who also remain unbeaten this season play Ramsey A who will be hoping for better luck this weekend and hope they can get points this weekend.

In Rossborough Mixed Division One, Bacchas C who got their first win of the season play Valkyrs C who remain unbeaten after coming out on top last week when they beat Vikings D. Harlequins A who got their first win of the season last weekend over Vikings C play Castletown Southerners who are still without a win this season in this league but they do have a point in the league. The final match in this league is a Vikings derby, Vikings C play Vikings D. 

In Rossborough Mixed Division Two, Ramsey Rookies play Castletown Cammags. Ramsey Rookies are still looking for their first win of the season and will be hoping they can get it over Castletown Cammags who came out on top last weekend in the Castletown derby. Castletown Cushags play Ramsey Ravens who are unbeaten in this league will be hoping they can keep this form up this weekend. Valkyrs D play Vikings E who are also unbeaten in this league but Valkyrs D have proven so far in their matches they are not going to be easily pushed aside. 

In Rossborough Mixed Division Three, Bacchas colts who kicked off their season with a strong win over Valkyrs Colts play Castletown Cosney who got the better of Harlequins C last weekend. Valkyrs Colts play Bacchas D who will be hoping their experience will come out on top over the youth of Valkyrs Colts. The final game in this league this weekend sees Harlequins C play Castletown Carrick who drew last weekend with Harlequins B who have a rest weekend this week.

in Rossborough Mixed U15’s league, Castletown Sabres play Castletown Sharks in a Castletown under 15’s derby. Harlequin’s play Bacchas who had a good win last weekend and Vikings play Ramsey Rogues And Rascals who also come into this game following a win last weekend. 

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