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Kelly wins DTL

Three squads of shooters took part in the latest Down the Line selection shoot held at Ayre Clay Target Club’s Blue Point range yesterday.

The targets were dancing in the blustery, bright conditions, but that didn’t affect Nigel Kelly, who shot a 25 straight, with one second barrel.

Bob Wright dropped his second target out for a 24/71.

Simon Slaytor matched this, missing his third clay, with Phil Ward hitting an uncharacteristically low score of 23/67.

Kelly shot another 25 in the second round, needing his second barrel twice for a 73, which meant he led at the halfway stage with a score of 50/147.

Bob Wright was second with 47/137 and Tony Bridson just behind with 47/136. Michael Schumacher, new to DTL, shot well to score 38/110.

Wright and Bridson both shot 25/74 in the third round, with Slaytor missing one target for 24/71, Ward shooting 24/70 and Stephen Sayle 24/68. Kelly missed two targets for 23/68.

Kelly picked up again for the final round, missing his penultimate clay for a 24/71, a score that could have been matched by Wright, but he missed early in the round to also finish with a 24/71, which gave Kelly the win.

This Saturday the club will host the Pheasant Flush Manx Championships at 1pm and Sunday morning’s shoot is 50 English Skeet.


A/B Class; 1, Bob Wright 96/282; 2, Tony Bridson 96/280; 3, Simon Slaytor 93/273. C Class; 1, Nigel Kelly 97/286; 2, George Costain 89/253; 3, Victor Annand 88/252.

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