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Molyneux and Sayle first away in sidecar races

Number one plate for pair

Manx duo Dave Molyneux and Dan Sayle will start the two sidecar races at the T.T. with the number one plate.

The 17-time winner and outright lap record holder will have Sayle as passenger for the first time since 2009.

Ben and Tom Birchall are next away followed by John Holden and Andy Winkle, Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance and then Conrad Harrison and new passenger Dean Kilkenny.

Dave Molyneux is confident his new bike will take lap speeds and times to a different level:-

The rest of the seeded entry is:-

2 - Ben and Tom Birchall

3 - John Holden and Andy Winkle

4 - Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance

5 - Conrad Harrison and Dean Kilkenny

6 - Ian and Carl Bell

7 - Alan Founds and Aki Aalto

8 - Gary Bryan and Jamie Winn

9 - Karl Bennett and Lee Cain

10 - Gary Knight and Daniel Evanson

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