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Netball cup results

Thompson B v Ashley Allstars, by Sadbhb O’Shea

Ashley Allstars beat Thompson B 28 - 21 in a tightly contested, first round, cup match. Allstars entered this match with confidence after last week's defeat over their competitors. Both got off to a tentative start but Allstars initiated the scoring and continued to extend their lead. As tiredness set in, Thompson upped their game, but too late to overhaul the deficit. Players of the match; Rachael Andrews (Thompson B) & Kaytie Debnam (Ashley Allstars.)

Pokerstars v C&S Joinery C, by Sadbhb O'Shea

C&S Joinery C continued their good form this season with a 32 – 22 victory over Pokerstars. C&S’s rapid start and short passes saw Pokerstars struggling to defend. Pokerstars’ luck did not improve with a miss-aimed pass from the centre making the net! With determination, Pokerstars crept back, again threatening C&S’s defence. C&S’s shooters maintained their lead, securing their place in the next round. Players of the match; Kira McAteer (Pokerstars) & Jess Hatton (C&S.)

Fencibles A v Ramsey A, by Sadbhb O'Shea

Ramsey A claimed their first victory of the season when they pipped Fencibles to a 15 – 12 win. An evenly-matched game from the start, both teams put up a sturdy defence but Fencibles’ Megan Staples scored the first goal. Even in the third quarter play was still extremely quick with neither team looking like they were flagging. Players of the match; Tilly Davies (Ramsey A) & Georgie Everest (Fencibles A.)

C&S Joinery B v Manx Glass Saints, by Sadbhb O'Shea

C&S Joinery B stormed to a fabulous 45 – 8 victory over Manx Glass Saints, continuing their unbeaten run. They barely waited for the first whistle before they had their first goal. Saints, currently at the bottom of division one, struggled to make an impression on the leaders scoring only two goals in the first three quarters. A late surge gave them a few consolation goals, but the gap was just too large to overcome. Players of the match; Lucy Titley (C&S Joinery) & Kym Hicklin (Manx Glass Saints.)

Misfits v Nobody’s Angels, by Sadbhb O'Shea

Misfits took a dominating 71 - 5 victory against division two team Nobody’s Angels. Misfits took the initiative from Jenette Martin’s goal and never looked back. The Angels’ problems were compounded when their goalkeeper came off court sick, allowing Misfits to score a flurry of goals. With their GK safely back on the court, Angels fended off Misfits for the final few minutes. Players of the match; Emma Snell (Misfits) & Hayley Morgan (Nobody’s Angels.)

Team DQ 40 Anglo Manx 20, by Judi Clark-Wilson

Team DQ took an early lead against Anglo Manx and never looked like losing their grip on this match. With Rebecca Harding (C) and Carly (WA) linking well they gave their shooters accurate feeds that were easily converted into goals. Despite hard defensive work by Anglo Manx's GD, Helen Fitzgerald, Team DQ kept their heads and were not deterred by the physicality of this match.
Players of the match: Netty Mooney (Anglo Manx) & Ealish Baxter (Team DQ.)


Cup Matches - Round 1
Thompson B 21, Ashley Allstars 28; Pokerstars 22, C&S Joinery C 33; Fencibles A 12, Ramsey A 15; Manx Glass Saints 8, C&S Joinery B 45; Ramsey B 9, PWC MG Emeralds 52; Fencibles B 0, Vanilla Room 40; Misfits 71, Nobody's Angels 5; Anglo Manx Electrical Services 20, Team DQ 40.

Fixtures - Sunday 10th October
NSC1 9am Ballasalla B v C&S Joinery A; 10am Route 1 v Ballasalla A; 11am Thompson A v PWC MG Rubies.
NSC2 9am Ramsey A v Vanilla Room;
10am C&S Joinery B v Manx Glass Saints;

11am Ashley Allstars v C&S Joinery C.

QEII 9am Fencibles B v Ramsey B; 10am Anglo Manx v Team DQ; 11am Thompson B v Fencibles A.

CRHS 9am Nobody's Angels v PWC MG Emeralds; 10am Pokerstars v Misfits.

Junior fixtures NSC1 12noon Misfits v Route 1. NSC2 12noon Ramsey v Fencibles.

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