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Netball Fixtures (15 Nov)

Tight game between Golds and Gems in Prem

Sunday, 15 November

Premier Division

10am Bemahague 2: Simcocks Red vs Thompson Travel 1

10am Bemahague 1: Route 1 Connections vs Ballasalla Bravo

10am NSC 2: Browne Craine Toomraiders vs Simcocks Blue

11am NSC 2: Manx Gems Rubies vs Simcocks Gold

11am NSC 1: Marbree Missfits A vs Ballasalla Alpha


Division One

9am NSC 2: Long & Humphrey Toomraiders vs Thompson Travel 2

9am NSC 1: Castletown Spaniards vs Simcocks Green

9am Bemahague 2: Thompson Travel 3 vs Manx Gems Sapphires

10am NSC 1: Marbree Missfits B vs Ballasalla Charlie

Midday NSC 2: Route 1 Turbos vs Young Farmers A


Division Two

9am Bemahague 1: Simcocks White vs Manx Gems Emeralds

11am Bemahague 2: Route 1 Volts vs Ballasalla Echo

11am Bemahague 1: Castletown Celts vs Ramsey Black

Midday Bemahague 2: Young Farmers 2 vs Simcocks Silver

Midday Bemahague 1: Ballasalla Delta vs Ramsey Red

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