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Shooting: Summer league begins at Meary Veg

Fifteen competitors involved in opening weekend 

Report by Peter Kelly:

The first round of the Tower Insurance Summer league was held at Meary Veg Santon with fifteen competitors taking part in calm dry conditions.

The leader after the first round B class shooter Rob Marshall who hit 24 targets for 71 points ,in second place on 69 were A shooters John Moore and Mark Riley with the leading C class shooter being Jack Clague on 63. At the end of the second round Mike Thompson finished in third place in C class on 57 with Brian Kelly taking second place on 65 but winning C class by a country mile was Jack Clague with 124 points. 

Newly promoted Mark Sweetman finished in third place in B class with 102 points with George Davies in second place on 111 and taking B class with 120 was the first round leader Rob Marshall. 

In A class, Arran Wade was third on 125 with Mark Riley taking second place with 129 and the winner was Alan Wade on 136.


A Class - 1st: Al. Wade 23/66,24/70=136
              2nd: M Riley 24/69,21/60=129
              3rd: Arr Wade 23/67,20/58=125

B Class - 1st: R Marshall 24/71,17/49=120,
              2nd: G Davies 19/55,20/56=111,
              3rd: M Sweetman 18/50,19/52=102

C Class - 1st: J Clague 22/63,21/61=-124
              2nd: B Kelly 9/26,13/39=65
              3rd: M Thompson 7/21,12/36=57


In the afternoon the first round of the Manx Petroleum's Olympic Skeet was held and the winner was James Bradley with 38 points with Michael Cross in second place on 33 and Ted Davis in third place on 31 - the handicap winner was Giulio Fabrizio with 41 points. 


1st: J Bradley 17,21=38
2nd: M Cross 14,19=33
3rd: T Davis 12,19=31
Handicap: G Fabrizio 27+14=41


The first round of the Sadler Agricultural Supplies ABT league was also held and the winner was Alan Wade with 44 points with Stan Skinner in second place on 43 followed by Arran Wade and Mark Riley in equal third place on 41. The handicap winner was Peter Kelly with 46 points.



1st: A Wade 22,22=44
2nd: Skinner 22,21=43,
=3rd: Arr Wade 20,21,M Riley 19,22=41
Handicap: P Kelly 35+11=46 


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